Broken antenna replacement

I was testing my AstroKhadas setup in the field and found that I could use a better WiFi range. Currently I’m only using 5G wifi because I have to use USB3 port. So I have 2 ideas

  1. get the 2.4G antenna out of the case, away for the USB3 port. The question here is how far do I have to go?
  2. get a better 5G antenna

My question is: there are 2 antennas onboard, one marked with “M” (wifi+bluetooth) and the other marked with “B” (wifi). So could I assume the “M” is for 2.4G, and the “B” is for 5G?

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Oh I forgot to mention that I have broken the antenna base (IPEX connector) on the board for the “M” antenna. Any idea which version of IPEX connector should I get? IPEX4? Or can I solder the antenna wire direct to the Vim3 PCB?

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