Brightness control on display

I’m needing a screen that has around a 200mm x 135mm display area. This size is not exact and I can use a bigger screen. For example one that I’ve found that could work is 196mm x 147mm. My biggest issue is that I’m wanting to be able to control screen brightness through the software. Can anyone point me in a direction of what display would work that is close to the size listed and able to adjust the brightness?


I had the same problem. I ended up buying some screen on ebay and then taking a look at the electronics on it. Just note the “Names” of every IC on the board and look them up. One will be the backlight driver. Usually they have some sort of input for PWM. Just modify the PCB (cutting the right trace or lifting the pin) accordingly.

Now, depending on how close your VIM is to the display, it might be worth using a small uC, like Attiny85, for providing the pwm which in turn is connected via i2c to the VIM.

What do you think of that?