Break key (ctrl C)

I just booted up a VIM3 for the first time. I need to break out of a sequence using the customary C but this does not work. I tried a few other options and looked on this forum.
Perhaps this is something to do with my keyboard but a colleague on a different system is having the same problems,

Any help appreciated

Please tell me more detail: break out from what ?

  • uboot stage need just press any key or space or Ctrl+C
  • linux boot up Ctrl+C dosnt works - and works only for user shell (after login)
  • some linux apps just ignore Crtl+c

I am trying to break from an application (after boot). For example if you ping a device it typically continues to ping until a c is issued. This works with other linux versions but not this one.

about Single user mode … or process #1

doesn’t works , because it involves running a program as process #1 that is not designed to do the jobs that process #1 actually needs to do …

Yes, signals will act oddly. Process #1 has special semantics for signals, for starters … Furthermore, job control shells cannot do job control when /dev/console is their standard I/O but nothing has set up a proper session with a controlling terminal, as the Bourne Again shell actually told you as soon as it started up.

or ask google about this … :wink:

PS: or show me next output ls -l1 /proc/self /proc/self/fd/ its can help me clarify problem

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