Bpf filesystem for ubuntu-frame

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Self built:


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Dear all, i’m trying to use ubuntu-frame via snapd, on a minimal focal release it is working as expected but i think as ubuntu-frame is working on x11 the overall performance response is poor (i’m trying to build a simple control panel with sliders and knobs, the delay is huge…). So i was trying to make it work on a minimal jammy self built but the snap logs warn me about “cannot mount bpf filesystem”. Investigated a bit and seems that in the kernel config the “CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL” is not set (maybe also some other parameter). Do u have any idea @numbqq @ivan.li ?


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cannot mount bpf filesystem

Hi~@MaxLeggieri Im really sorry. forget about yesterday :laughing:. Here are some suggestions

:fenix/build/linux$ make ARCH=arm64 menuconfig

After entering the image interface


Select the configuration you want(NET_ACT_BPF , NET_CLS_BPF , NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_BPF ,BPF_SYSCALL and so on)

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