Bootloader ? bootmanager?

Hi all,
is oowow considered a boot manager or a boot loader or somehting else ?
what is its function/role compared to uboot ?
does it make sense to compare it to grub or even lumine GitHub - limine-bootloader/limine: Modern, advanced, portable, multiprotocol bootloader. which now have a arm64 variant and is open source ?


Hello @ravelo

Maybe @hyphop can explain more. :wink:

oowow its not boot loader and not boot-manager

What is oowow ? start from OOWOW [Khadas Docs]

but oowow using uboot as boot loader too

PS: Tnx for questions i will update FAQ section and other topics for oowow soon


PSS: if still not clear please ask again

Oowow is an upgrade of Krescue (which you can consider a mini mini linux/OS) which also boots just like any other OS using the uboot as bootloader.

Sort of like TWRP recovery on smartphones. It can perform many basic tasks like backup, upgrade, wipe, factory reset and also has added benefits of internet connectivity

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