Booting Fedora (or any mainline distro) on VIM3

I have a Khadas VIM3 and I want to use Fedora or at least a mainline distro rather than custom image. To my understanding all that is needed is to have the EFI implemented and boot from SPI flash. Which I did following the guide provided by Khadas to do so, but I still don’t get it booting.
It still boots the minimal image that is on the emmc, is there a way to get the VIM3 to boot to the SD card?

you can use manjaro as a mainline distro. Using the MATE version will give you quite stable version and it will work pretty good.

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just write mainline uboot to spi fplash via Krescue or use online script same from krescue and install fedora into emmc

That is what I was thinking of doing, but not sure how to go about it.
I consulted this page:

And when I use the ubuntu method I got this error
Try to burn to eMMC storage, but the image installation type is 'SD-USB', please use 'EMMC' image!
And when I use the windows method I also got an error about the Fedora image, although it does the same for a ubuntu image.

Okay forget my last comment, I went around and got a Krescue system booting; I tried to use the dd utility to flash Fedora onto the emmc and that did not work. What exactly did you do to get Fedora on there once you have Krescue booted from SD card?
Is there a way I can boot from just SD card and leave the emmc alone? If so I would rather do that.

krescue intall fedora via online scripts

HOW-TO use custom modified online scripts inside Krescue


scripts updated to fedora 36.15.1 > HOW-TO install Fedora Linux for any Khadas SBC - #19 by Yasir_Javed

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