Booted into U-Boot but then stuck


Platform: Edge Captain, V12

My intention was to execute KBI after booting into U-Boot. However, it seems to get stuck at the turning pointer for hours. Any suggestions?

Hello @KenKJian

It seems entered RKUSB upgrade mode. Have you pressed FUNCTION Key when bootup?

Try to reset the board and don’t press any keys.

Hi @numbqq,

sorry but I’m a little confused. If I just reset & not press anything, I’ll boot into normal login mode (below image). According to the instructions on website, I thought need to boot into U-Boot? (I press & hold Function-Key then press & release Reset-Key then release Function-Key to enter U-Boot).

I might be wrong so please correct me. Thanks.

You can press the Enter key on your keyboard NOT the key on board.

Yes, I did but nothing happened (press enter and all keys on my keyboard). The only time there’s a responded is when I press Ctrl+C (image below) then really stuck after that (terminal also froze).

Don’t press any keys on the Edge board.

You should connect a USB keyboard to the Edge board USB host. Reset the Edge board by press RESET key and press the Enter key on the USB keyboard without release.

Just to be absolutely clear about your instruction.

Step 1:

Step 2:
Press and do not release

Hello, A little off topic. For wire protection, if you remount the heatsink, you can run the fan wires under the heatsink’s rear mounting lugs.
Seen in this example(Edge-V)…

Dear friend,

Your instruction was wrong. I got in. it is connect the keyboard to the PC running the terminal software to the serial port. Then I press & hold the Enter key on keyboard then press Reset key on Edge. Do NOT connect keyboard to Edge board.

My intention was to configure the GPIO to Power ON the board instead of the default Power key on the Edge. What command must I issue in KBI?

9) Boot Trigger Events
VIM2 supports different events for triggering boot-up:

  • WOL: Wake on Lan
  • RTC: RTC timer
  • IR: IR remote controller
  • DCIN: Plug in the DC adapter
  • Key: Power Key/Button
    *** GPIO: External GPIO events**


I think I got it. Is it:
kbi trigger gpio w 1

So which 2 Pins do I short to power up the Edge board?

OK, I’ll tell the hardware guy as he was the one who build this. I’m only the software guy.