Bootanimation video on VIM3

Good day to all.
I figured out the Android building. I replaced bootlogo with my own. Now I can’t really figure out how to work with bootanimation.
I found the appropriate files outside the VIM3 folder. I tried to install my Set at 30 frames per second and a resolution of 1024x600. And it hangs slightly when loading.
On previous versions of the android, it was possible to drop the media file bootanimation.mp4 into the media folder. In the Android source for VIM3 I did not find a similar solution to the issue. There is some kind of bootvideo.mp4 file. And it is also located outside the devices \ khadas \ vim3 folder.
The question is, how to add bootanimation in the source code not in zip format, but in mp4 format?

No boot animation cannot be an .mp4 format, it is just starting up how could it possible have already loaded all the resources to show a mp4 video as the animation, by the time it shows the boot animation it would of already Booted up :face_with_raised_eyebrow: just saying