Boot to linux how

I recently purchased a Vim 2 from Gear Best with the sole purpose of using Linux but have been unable to boot into this os I Have read that you can flash the rom to enable this function what concerns me is that if this fails & unit won’t boot warranty will be void which isn’t good enough for a unit of this price. I was also disappointed that their was no users guide.

Hi hairy,

Please try MRegister Mode.And then Upgrade Via an USB Cable.We are working on documentation for VIM2, and will publish soon.


I would rather send it back for credit than try to do that Vim 2 doesn’t look anything like photo in link.

Hello, You want to run Linux exclusively, no Android? Is that right?
As to flashing firmware, while certainly there is always some risk when flashing firmware, it is pretty low. Flashing firmware is not too difficult. I would be happy to assist you if you want to try it. It will involve a PC, the Amlogic USB Burning Tool(free Windows program), and the supplied USB-to-USB-C cable.

If your VIM2 is booting to Android now, M mode is likely unnecessary in this instance.
Photo linked in the post above is of VIM, the VIM2 is slightly different with regards to M mode contacts. Here is photo of VIM2…

Khadas offers standalone Linux Ubuntu, and a dual-boot versions with Android and the Linux.

Additionally, @balbes150 offers many Linux variants, many of which can be booted and ran from from SD card, or installed to the eMMC. Server and desktop types are available.

Guides for many needs can be found on Khadas Docs.



Good morning,

Im tootally new to that work and im totally lost.

I was supoosed that my new Khadas comes with android and ubuntuby default, but when I received it I found that it was only andorid version.

Then Im not sure where to find a rom with Ubuntu with compile it from my self.

Is there a ubuntu rom easy to burn? Thx in advance

Hi, themacboy:

Yes, all the VIMs come with Android ROM preinstalled.

All the official ROM can be found at Firmware Page, and there are many good ROMs developed by 3rd party developers like Balbes150 and Superceleron, you can walk around the forum for the information.

You can take a look at Khadas Docs for the details.


You can try to download fenix repository from numbqq. It is still a test version. We will push the fenix to official github in this week.
About how to compile yourself rom,you only need to type below command.

To build Ubuntu server ROM:

make server

To build Ubuntu mate ROM:

make ubuntu-mate

personally I only need a basic ubuntu version, to install dev essentials, libboost, mongodb and apache tomcat.
That will be a basic db and web server + some game simulations.

Upgrade via USB cable (as per @numbqq) the VIM2_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170818 image on the firmware page linked by @Gouwa. You get a complete MATE image that can then be adjusted to your needs (in your case strip it back to server.)

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