Boot QT application

Hello, I’d like to create minimal image that runs QT GUI app on startup.

How can I do that?

Hi shava,

We don’t have much experience about QT application now, maybe someone else could help you…


Take any server image, add QT with all the necessary libraries, and put your application into autostart.

Thank you. I am planning to add multimedia functionality to QT app and seems like libamplayer is way to go.

  1. Which kernel is better to use, 3.x or 4.x? LibreElec used Kernel 3.14. Is there is reason? Maybe better support for libamplayer?

  2. Since it will be GUI app, should I use x11 or Wayland?

Thanks in advance.

I worked with QT only on x86, as this is implemented on the ARM I do not know. The only thing I tried earlier was installing on Armbian Mate QT and trying to create a simple windowed application via QT Desinger.