Boot menu? [VIM4]

Does OOWOW provide boot-menu functionality – for dual-boot, for example? Or for choosing between multiple kernels for one linux install/filesystem?

linux grub provides this features

Oh… I didn’t know GRUB had been ported to ARM. Is GRUB confirmed working on the VIM 4 ? Any special procedure needed to install GRUB (preferably with HDMI support), or does it work out of the box?

(Guess I’ll move this to the VIM4 category then.)

I as well am interested, I installed Grub, (apt install grub-efi-arm64) but I get an error running grub-install: “grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.” when I try to install it. I believe but could be completely off base, that because this is an embedded install access to the efi folder may be obfuscated.

The reason I am interested in this is because I am trying to configure Ubuntu to boot into a cli rather than directly into the GDM. Anyone know how to get Grub installed and configure it for such? I have seen posts regarding what to change in the /etc/default/grub file, or at least I think I do based on other posts around linux forums. If anyone can guide me to the location of the efi data so I can configure grub that’d be swell.

VIM4 — and most other SBCs — do not use GRUB2 as the bootloader. They use embedded firmware, like the RaspberryPi, or uBoot, like our VIM series.

Despite some appearances, these are not PCs, and more closely resemble mobile phones. There’s NO EFI/UEFI firmware on the VIM4 or other boards, and no traditional BIOS. Therefore, GRUB won’t ever work for you.

More familiar uBoot hackers than myself may have advice for you on the menu front. At best I can say that this means uBoot fiddling with the parameters passed as kernel arguments at boot time. You know, where root partition and nosplash, etc., are supplied.

—— Jeremiah

I had a feeling that this might be the state of things. I bought an ODroid a few years back, and, at the time I was playing with it, the only way to get a boot menu (at least on that particular ODroid, at that particular time) was with some kind of serial-port connection thingy.

I was checking to see if the situation was somewhat better on the VIM4, before I bought one. Maybe over the next few months, someone will get this figured out/set up/documented.

I believe I read somewhere that u-boot had HDMI boot-menu capability for a few models of SBC. Just a matter of getting drivers set up, IIRC.

The ODroid - at least the N2 - also has a uBoot setup similar to VIM series.
The limitations and advantages are the same. The design constraints are those of embedded devices - the whole should be able to fit in a few KB of flash.

Hence, a full console via serial, without framebuffer drivers.

grub and efi works for vim4 with some limitation but works
VIM4 uboot just display EFI serial console not html video

maybe later we can improve it

But no (grub on Vim4) documentation that I can find. And no posts/threads here like “here’s my experience with Grub”. Or did I miss something?

@hyphop I’d like to know more about using EFI and GRUB on VIM3 pro and VIM4 then!

This would be a valuable HOWTO. I assume this is chainloading GRUB from uBoot, as the “OS” on EMMC, etc. Ubuntu does something similar on RaspberryPi, using the Pi loader to call uBoot.

Anyway, details on configuring this are very welcome!
— Jeremiah

VIM3 / VIM3L works well ubuntu EFI grub , fedora EFI grab,

start krescue|oowow > online scritpts → install Ubuntu-focal-Generic

start ubuntu → setup --help - this simple script can help your more

basic steps

setup grub
setup grub-splash-rnd
setup resize

PS: VIM4 not ready yet will be later, not enouth time at this moment

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I’ll be making a backup of my filesystem, and giving this a go, when VIM4 is ready.

You might try this:

systemctl set-default

On re-boot it should come up in CLI mode.

Use for X11 mode.

Best regards,

When is start krescue|oowow > online scritpts → install Ubuntu-focal-Generic scheduled for VIM4. Is there a way to contribute or help here? Even in testing or building from fenix?

Similarly, have you estimation of NVME root timeline? Are the issues in dtb or is it an issue with PCI setup, such as found under /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0?

I’ve fixed similar NVMe problems with Linux on MacBook Pro models, and might be able to help here, given the focus for resolving.
— Jeremiah

  1. sure can fork > GitHub - khadas/krescue-scripts: krescue scripts
  2. start oowow/krescue
  3. goto shell
  4. SCRIPTS_REPO=new_user_name/krescue-scripts scripts - start online scripts from other repo

Similarly, have you estimation of NVME root timeline? Are the issues in dtb or is it an issue with PCI setup, such as found under /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:01\:00.0?

need update/rebuild linux kernel for oowow because current unstable with nvme - and nvme feature not introduced by this reason

welcome already pushed but just for testing and dev guys

OK, cool. I’m good for a tester. I have a working system on NVME, but I can backup /home and dpkg --get-selections for a restoration.

Tomorrow, we test this, and make ourselves ready for OOWOW rescues!