Boot Libreelec from SD on Ubuntu installation on EMMC


I have installed VIM_Ubuntu-mate-16.04_Linux-4.9_V170831 on EMMC.
what is the most simple way for a non Linux expert to add the ability to boot from SD Libreelec.
(if I don’t want to re-install the Ubuntu image)

If its possible to have menu on both OS to boot the other one it will be even better.


Hi elandes,

Are you a developer? If so, you can enter u-boot command line and load s905_autoscript manually, then you will boot to LibreELEC.

kvim# fatload mmc 0 1020000 s905_autoscript
kvim# autoscr 1020000


That restriction pretty much eliminates most of your options IMHO.

The “out of the box” way to get this is to install balbes150 multi-3in1 image as per this thread. But you deny yourself the elegant solution if you wont install a new image :confused:

@dukla2000 is not the solution of 3 in 1 is for VIM2? I have VIM1.

I am not denying any option, If no other option, I will have to re-burn the image :frowning:

From Android there was an option to install and add the ability to boot from SD so I was just asking maybe its also available for Ubuntu.


The VIM1 thread is here.

I never found a way to do it fully/properly with a Khadas Ubuntu image in eMMC: it always booted with the kernel/DTB from eMMC even if it picked up the rootfs from the SDcard. There may be someone else here who can prove me wrong though.