Boot directly from SD Card!

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Today I got my new VIM2 Max S912 3Gb 64 GB and would like to test the Kodi * img (balbes150 S912 ) on my SD card, without pressing buttons … as far as I understand it allows this tool directly from SD to boot if one is available.

Does the tool work with my version Nougat 7.1 via enter Settings -> System -> About -> Update -> Select file in sdcard / usb -> Update ???

Which files do I need?


It is a late reply, but just to complete this blog.

There are instructions on khadas website.
For SD card boot on VIM2, read this:

I have now tried to boot from SD card. I want to boot balbes150 Volumio ( Volumio-0.8-2018-08-17-aml9xxxarmv7.img)

I understand step 1 and 3 of the above mentioned instructions “Boot images from external medias”, but get stuck in step 2.

which says:
“* VIM2: Copy kvim2.dtb or kvim2_linux.dtb to /boot and rename it to dtb.img .”

I searched on the VIM2 (VIM2_Nougat_V180619) and on the SD card (which has the balbes150 Volumio image, and therefore the “”) but I can’t find kvim2.dtb or kvim2_linux.dtb

I do not understand how to do step 2.

Can someone please explain how to do step 2. Prepare dtb
(i tried without step2, but that results in no Volumio running from SD card)

Hello, On the card’s boot partition, where you found aml_autoscript, look for a folder called dtb. You will find the kvim2 dtb files in there.
From step two, " VIM2: Copy kvim2.dtb or kvim2_linux.dtb to /boot and rename it to **dtb.img** .
Let me know if you need additional info or tips.
Good luck.

Ok… thanks for assist.
I browsed and found:

I wonder whether that is the file… it is the closest thing… so I copied it, renamed it…(very professional ) and ran again.
Vim2 was connected to 2a powersource and additional 1a through usb, but Vim2 hung on Khadas logo.
After 10 min I pulled the power and rebooted first Android : booted up fine.
Then hooked up on router through ethernet inserted Volumio on SD again and…

No joy.
I check router and no devices show up on ethernet.

When I take SD card out of VIM2 and reboot… android starts fine again and I see it connected to router through ethernet.
I put volumio SD back in and reboot… then holding power key and pressing middle button… nothing happens… i also tried just pressing the power button or just unplug replug powerpoint… still no volumio…

I feel i now hijacked OP question. Maybe I should have started Volumio post

Which image of Volumio are you using? The image below shows the contents of Boot/dtb folder from image Volumio-0.7-2018-05-20-aml9xxxarmv7.img.

Have a look here for this or newer images.

dtb Directory contents…

As mentioned before, I used Volumio-0.8-2018-08-17-aml9xxxarmv7.img

I will repeat the sequence with the one you mentioned and see how I go

Thanks balbes150!
Reading your blog I understand I did nothing wrong, it simply did not work with first dtb file I used.

I have however as per RDFTKV suggestions used Volumio-0.7 and the kvim2_android.dtb file that came with that.

With success!!!
All works, I can finally get the old music hard drive out of the cupboard!
I may or may not try Volumio-0.8 lateron.

Great work!

Boots Volumio when SD card is present and Android from EMMC when it isn’t.

Joy! works a charm. Thanks for the help!

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Hello, Your welcome. Glad it is working. :slight_smile:

balbes150 does fine work. :+1:

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