Boot Android from Android Open Source on Edge-V

Hello Khadas Team and Khadas community, i want to boot Android from Android Open Source on Edge-V. I have built and followed the documentation on the page, obtained the results as shown below. What should i do next step? .Please help me. Many thank all!

You should create a update.img
Copy the rockdev Image folder into RKTools/Linux_Pack_Firmware and run the * script

Hello @mo123, i have copied Image-rk3399 folder into RKTools/Linux_Pack_Firmware but not seen * script, please help me

Must look like this

The Image-rk3399 folder must be renamed Image and moved to the rockdev folder
Then you run
Flash the update.img generated inside the Image folder not the one outside in the rockdev folder(since it isn’t signed and won’t boot).


thank you very much @mo123