Board CAD schematic

I would like to make some changes to the board (remove some components that I don’t need in order to make the board smaller). Building the project from scratch on kicad (or eaglecad) would be quite complicated considering that I can’t find the cad / pcb of the amlogic even on the manufacturer’s website. Would it be possible to have the project used to make the pcb?

Hello @mmcm_systems

You can find all related documentations here:

Thanks for your reply. I’ve already viewed these resources but seems that none of these includes the project (eg EagleCAD, KiCAD or similar). Searching around the web for an Amlogic project I’ve found just this but I can’t download it. I’ve tried to register (using google translate) but I get stuck.

Can you provide me (atleast) the Amlogic component to import on KiCad or EagleCad ?

Hello @mmcm_systems

Sorry, the PCB project is not open source.