Blurred screen at boot after image instal


After using owoom wizard to install home assistant image, I get this blurred screen at boot.
I’ve tried many times owoow wizard image installation, tried to erase emmc data and partition. I don’t know what to do, please help :slight_smile: Thanks

Hello @olivier.lemo

Just update HA to latest version: Armbian_24.5.1_Khadas-vim1s_bookworm_legacy_5.15.119-homeassistant_minimal.oowow.img.xz

Can you try to use oowow to install vim1s-armbian-bookworm-legacy-5.15.119-homeassistant-minimal.img.xz ?

Hello @numbqq thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, with this homeassistant minmal image, now it doesn’t boot at all : black screen, plain white LED.

:frowning: please follow up.

Hi @olivier.lemo

1.I use oowow to install vim1s-armbian-bookworm-legacy-5.15-homeassistant-minimal.img.xz. the problem you described did not occur.
2. Can you try to use oowow to install vim1s-ubuntu-22.04-gnome--------img.xz ? will there be problems with blurry screen and inability to start?


I’ve tried several times both home assistant images, still either blurred screen at startup, either black screen and no startup.

I’ve tried installing Ubuntu with Oowow, it works fine !

Any idea why only HA images don’t work ?


On my side it works fine,so you can try another monitor.