Bluetooth problems

I am using the vim3 android pie firmware and i don’t know how to connect devices over bluetooth such as smartphone,keyboard etc.
Please help me figure this out.

Hello, Under settings, look in the “Remotes and Accessories” section, “Add accessory”.

I takes a very long time to do so,
Is that normal ?

Let me flash that firmware and I will check. Back in a few minutes. Are you running the Latest Khadas Pie firmware VIM3_Pie_V190809?

@Electr1 It paired with my Bluetooth speaker within 3-5 seconds. However, I could not get either of my phones to see the VIM3.
@Electr1 I flashed the custom Android Pie ROM from superceleron, Final V2. Was able to pair a Bluetooth speaker, and both of my phones. Though I could only send files to the phones, not send files from the phones to the VIM3.

Maybe @goenjoy can explain.

You have to put the bluetooth device on pairing amd then press add accessory. This is not take time of the device it searched it wil show you the device name quickly only when the device is on pairing mode

Both of my phones were in pairing mode as far as I know. They are on older Androids, not sure if that matters. But my Win10 could not do it either.
Is pairing mode same as discoverable?
With my Android 4.4 phone, that is visibility timeout. On my newer phone, like Windows, if settings are open, it is visible.

I had problem connecting with my phone
I will later try the custom ROM
I am looking for ways to use my phone as a keyboard/gamepad but most of the playstore apps only are for win10/MacOS/linux

I’ve tried " [VIM3_Pie_V191122.7z]" firmware. However, my VIM3 could not search BLE product too.
Location could not be enabled in the setting.
Please let us know, when the new firmware can be ready for download.


The next firmware version adds the Bluetooth settings function menu. It will be released in recent days.


After updated firmware [VIM3_Pie_V200103], still bluetooth scan is not supported in application. Low Energy (BLE) scanning will only work if Location services are enabled on the device. However, VIM3 could not enable location service. Please resolve this issue.

See here for reference: Bluetooth Low Energy startScan on Android 6.0 does not find devices

We’ve found that None of BLE scan app in the Google play store is working with VIM3 .

Thanks for your feedback. We will check it.


Any plan for the update firmware?

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Att Khadas Team:

Can you verify for me if HFP and HSP will work with Android BT on the VIM3 please?
I want to be able to use “OK Google” functionality via a bluetooth Jabra device.
I dont want to purchase the SBC and find it cannot do this, I wasted money on an Odroid N2 already :frowning:
Thank you.


Please update us, when the new release can be available?

Hello, is there a build in flight with a fix to Bluetooth scan…
At least post an ETA so we know if we should look for alternate solutions.
You did great work so far.

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Hello, the problem is solved by Bluetooth