Bluetooth module / i2s setup

I am using the ToneBoard as a normal DAC, just i2s -> Analog output.
It is totally working through the USB jack but I am trying to get it receiving its input signal from a Bluetooth receiver since it is going to be going inside a Bluetooth speaker.

Currently it hooked up through the 40 through holes,
BCK —> 29
SD -----> 33
LRCK --> 32

this is the Bluetooth module I am using

it’s currently not passing on the sound so I believe i may have it hooked up into the wrong holes, any help is appreciated.

Didu check any other i2s source with TB before just for know about proper working

I think you will find that the I2S signals on the 40-pin connector (connector 6) are only linked through to the External I2S connector (connector 7), they do not get processed by the DAC. You can connect external USB data signals and/or 5v power to the 40-pin connector but not external I2S (or SPDIF, for that matter.)

I am also trying to access the I2S signals passing from the XMOS to the DAC but they (also) do not appear on any accessible external connector.

I think you would be better sourcing a Bluetooth-to-SPDIF receiver and connecting that to the panel RCA connector (yellow).

Have you done this? Is it working? Please update if you have done it?

@Sudithya Which module are you using ?

Thank you for response. I’m trying to supply i2s input to the ToneBoard using CSR8675 Module.

Hi, I see that your module has a playback enable button, pause button, etc. did you try toggling those ?

Hello, There maybe some helpful info in this thread?

hi, If read you well, this tentative is a failure for now, right ?
let’s restart where you paused !