Bluetooth headset mic not functional android pie

Hi everyone, I have a bluetooth 5.0 headset with mic, the earphones work fine, but the mic only has noise. I tested the headset on other devices and it works fine but not on VIM3 pro. I have tried skype, messenger and voice recorder software with all same results. Does anyone have any ideas?

Having the tone board disconnected does not make any difference.

I purchased another Bluetooth headset. This one is Bluetooth 4.1 and has one earphone and a mic. The mic on this also doesn’t work. Can someone on the Khadas team please check into this as having a Microphone on this project is very important.
Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this issue

Still no takers? Am I the only one who wants an audio input on the Vim3 ??

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Hello, I would like to check it but I have no Bluetooth headset.
Just wanted you to know your post was being read.

Thank you for that. I also have a USB headset coming to test as a last attempt.

I would be happy to purchase a Bluetooth headset for you to use for debugging. I have $2000 invested in this project so I would like to get it to a saleable product.
Thank you for the help

I would not be your best bet on debugging this issue. One of the Khadas Team could better assist you. Perhaps @Gouwa or @tsangyoujun could link you with the team member best suited to help with this issue.

I don’t have BT headset, as the need has not come up. You are nice to offer, but Khadas will be a better bet for you. In the meantime, I will pick up a set anyway.

Hello, I got the same problem too, but it could not be fixed for now because the BT apk may lost some driver, so when you use bluetooth headset voice function don’t work but use headset with usb receiver could be work fine.

I have a USB headset coming soon so I will find out. My application requires the audio in to be internal as all ports must be free for the end user. This is why I need the Bluetooth to be functional

Hi @OneLineOfCode,
@Terry will check and respond when he available.

Good day!


Hello and is there any solution to this problem

@yuriy19723 bluetooth headset mic problem hava been solved

you can download latest firmware to test

Hello And where can I see the description of the fix what has been added?