Blu-ray playback issue

I have LibreELEC/Kodi 17.6 installed on a VIM 2x16GB. I’m noticing an issue when playing blu-ray movies on an external drive. The problem is the drive stops reading the disc and the playback stops and your back on the home screen. It doesn’t matter the media type, I have tried two different drives, many different discs (BD9, BD25). The issue is random, but it appears the playback is better if the disc is cleaner.
I have no problems on a Raspberry Pi 3B +. Another thing I noticed is the VIM gives almost no power to the usb ports, meaning I have to plug the external drive into the wall.
Whereas with the Raspberry Pi, I could just power the drive off it’s usb ports.

Hello, Not sure about your issue, but as viewed from the rear, USB port on the left is fuse limited to 500mA, the port on the right is fuse limited to 900mA. Of course, current available to the ports, will be dependent on the power supply’s current capability.