Black screen on Android

Hi there,

I have a vim pro, it boot perfectly on ubuntu, but with all android firmware I only get a black screen and my display briefly shows “No signal” before to go to standby…

So I see the vim logo and after about 10 seconds, the screen go to standby. If I wait for about 1 minute, I can see the vim on the network so it boot but have no screen.

Of course Adb is unavailable as I can’t select "USB debugging " as I don’t have anything on the screen.

When I create a burning card, all the upgrade progress is correctly displayed on my screen.

I tried on 2 Sony tv and a hdmi ips panel. Tried both latest android 6 and 7…

Do anyone have an idea? Is is possible to enable adb debugging strait from the firmware at build time?



Did you connect the TPYE-C port of your VIM with PC? Can you connect the TPYE-C port of your VIM witch DC adapter?

I connected the USB-c to a power wall adapter, it didn’t change anything, I tried mixed adapters from 1500 to 2500 mah…

No change…


Do you have a serial debugging tool? It can only to take a look for printing log.

Not at the moment, I ordered one and should get it by monday…

But I quickly build one with an arduino :wink:


Thx a lot


The link of printing log is invalid.

That was on Dropbox, let’s try pastebin:

Andriod6 boot log



Did you try to use the other HDMI cable?
It entered the cvbs mode because It didn’t get the hpd info

set hdmitx VIC = 16
config HPLL = 2970

[ 1.142261@0] logo: mode chang
[ 1.147277@0] vout_serve: vmode set to 576cvbs
[ 1.149780@0] tv_vout: tv_set_current_vmode[759]fps_target_mode=7
[ 1.155892@0] tv_vout: mode is 7,sync_duration_den=1,sync_duration_num=50
[ 1.162711@0] tv_vout: TV mode 576cvbs selected.

Thanks a lot, that was it!

New HDMI cable et voilà, android shows up.



Hi Terry,

When this cvbs mode is selected, can we get analog video out from the hdmi socket? To feed video signal to a composite monitor or a rgb monitor such as in a car?



It enter cvbs when it don’t get hpd state.
You can look the case