Black screen converter hdmi vga

I’m a happy owner of the PRO version of the VIM 1 and I found this video problem with the hdmi to vga adapter.

when I start I have the black screen. I have the rom ubuntu + android

I tried a second hdmi to vga adapter thinking it was bad but I have the same problem.

Has this happened to anyone else? I will try to upgrade to the last rom with the kernel 4.9 but I do not think that’s the problem.

thank you all

To verify, try the Armbian version from an external media (USB or SD). I have several HDMI->VGA adapters, everything works in Armbian.

where do I find the images with armbian for our khadas vim 1?

for now I have only put official images on the khadas site.

thanks for your help

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Thank you for your response and congratulations on creating the post about the tests you are doing with our beloved khadas vim and armbian.

I do not have much free time, otherwise I would be happy to join your project. I bought the khadas vim to make a small home server and I look for something stable and well tested.

I think I’ll try the new ubuntu mate rom with kernel 4.9 and I’ll try to figure out if it’s a hardware or software problem.

I will do other tests and I will gladly share the results