Bigger battery and sim phone option


I am thinking of a project where i make a phone out of one of these. But i would like a bigger battery, can i just combine 2 bigger li-polymeer batteries so i still have 7.4V.

Also is it possible to use the sim card slot for cellar uses aswell? I think it might be possible if i use an other 4G module. Otherwhile i will use an external SIM reader like those you use on arduino i guess.

Are my thoughts correct or am i a complete idiot?

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Hello, If you refer to the VIM3 with M2X extension board, see here.


I like your thought but its not so easy to achieve what you are talking about.

I m. Talking from my experience in pine64 pinephone community. Pinephone is open source phone with multi os options but non have achieved making audio route correctly after almost a year of development. So it is going to take many developers to work on such device to make it possible.

If you want a working phone with full linux aarch64 os then pinephone in the only option right now.

With vim3 or edge and m2x extension you can only achieve data using SIM card.

Hope this answers your question in detail.


Thank you! Guess i’ll try to mess a bit around with other SIM readers then.

I am not trying to have a completely functioning Linux phone (yet). But i once called someone with an Arduino device i made and thought it would be cool if i could do that using Linux instead. I was quite sure you should be able to connect an other SIM reader and call someone using the terminal (far from being convinient in any ways) but maybe i was too optimistic.

Ps: Wasn’t there a long waiting list on the Pinephone? Might be wrong now but i believe it was a moth ago. It looks promising so let’s hope it wont be a failed Linux phone again.

Interesting idea!

Actually, our team inside also with a phonekit based on:

  • Edge-V or VIM3
  • TS050
  • Battery module
  • New board similar with M2X, but with features below:
    • Battery charge logic
    • M.2 for removable 4G LTE
    • Mic
    • Speaker
    • Cameras
    • Side buttons
    • Display & backlight
    • Even(optional): FaceID, GPS, Track IC…

This is something good to hear. This is the reason I have asked for TS050.

I need someone to get TS050 support on Mainline then I can test Plasma-Mobile.

With vim3 as the soc. It would work quite well but need gpu acc too.

Oh, Great! I am looking forward to it!

Yes there was and will always be as its the first attempt with linux phone and we have some parts of it working fine.

I m very excited about linux phone though and i hope it won’t fail but yes it will take a long time to compete with the current mobile os.