Anybody can help with this?
It will be nice to have working big GPUs on VIM3

no clue about eGPU usage for now…
it keeps encountering PCI bar memory issues, and driver support isn’t very optimal or working… :frowning:

You are able to connect normal AMD nvidia gpu cards with PCI-e to VIM3 card to M.2 slot

you obviously need a riser card or something to connect the GPU, as you can’t just connect it to the m.2…
I suggest asking @wll1rah about his experiment, where he attempted it…

In addition, Khadas has not technically stated anything about it.

its a user experiment, you don’t necessarily need to have an official statement for it :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, if only so, sometimes it is successful, especially if you are a developer.

Which gpu will work on such a small number of lanes in pcie?

It is possible to use old gpus but who will try a driver for it?
Someone actually tried that on rockpro64/rockpi4 i guess and it kept failing with limitied lanes.

not a problem of lanes, the driver and software support is lacking…
even testing for GPUs with the RPi is happening at a rapid pace:

big gpus are working just fine on same ARM boards

So it will need some tune to fix some stuff

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seems that way, but amlogic and rockchip are picky with their core cluster selection, and give meagre open source support for their chips overall,

I asked about this topic a very long time ago…
eGPU possibility - VIM3 - Khadas Community

seems like back then it wasn’t really a fad, but it seems to be thing now…
hopefully we can see something soon…

Anybody is able to fix it? It will be nice to have khadas board as mainbord for big GPU card.