Best browser for youtube and gmail?

Hello, i’m using Firefox for web browsering, but i’d like to install Chrome. I think is the right browser for youtube and web mailing Gmail.
Others good browser installable you putted in ?

brave is cool

thank you, I will try it.

Best browser for youtube and Gmail is the one that has been developed by and has too many extensions.

Hello Antonello71,
If you are willing to use Gmail as your web mailing client then I would say that in the most case it fails and shows Gmail Temporary Error. By this error neither you can access your Gmail Account nor anyone will be able to send you mails. In this point you have to do the following steps to recover your Gmail Account and those are mentioned down below:

  1. Check the internet connection and set up at standard speed.
  2. Clear the cache files and remove all the extension files from the browser.
  3. The main important part before doing all these steps keep in mind to disable the internet security software.