Batocera availability?

Hi, just wondering if there will be an official Batocera build for the Edge 2?

Other rk3588 boards are already supported on the official Batocera webiste.

Hello @DRV9999

Batocera OS images are in development, they will be releasing later.

Is there some news about this? Given the performance compared to a raspberry, I think having Batocera would be really great for a home arcade.

Hi @DRV9999 @Lookup
Please check oowow online images, Batocera images have been uploaded.

Sound output needs to be configured from the settings.


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Bluetooth doesnt work yet

@ata-star I will check it and get back to you.

What kind of bluetooth peripheral did you try to use ?

The Khadas Edge 2
Not sure what kind that is
Xbox one X Controller

Tried my 8bitdo too
nothing gets detected

reported that on GH