Balanced output?

lol, that’s only the case, not the T2 itself :sweat_smile:
all we know from that is that, you can make/get a handsome case for it :joy:

It’s not about hope. It’s about reality. There hasn’t been an update since Ben left the company last year. It doesn’t seem likely that it will happen. If you want a balanced DAC, there are other options if you don’t need the Khadas form factor.

As they say, there are no irreplaceable, I’m sure Khadas is the company that will offer you a good product.
It’s probably harder to always find a good specialist.

Yes, some people are really good at places that others aren’t, we will see how well it works out :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Maybe Tone Board 2 is under test.
It will came with a new Firmware, actually bugged & locked on “Mute”.
This could explain the silence here… :partying_face:


@ABSNimes i understand but you must realize how much effort it takes to design a new product but also try to give help and support for old products please understand :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s nice joke :yum:


be patient, buddy, I’m sure that work in this direction is moving forward, you need to weigh everything

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I try to, but understand me, I’m waiting for this balanced TB 2…
“When” still remains the main question :slight_smile:

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Go to Audiosciencereview to look for a better rating with XLR. It doesn’t cost that much.

That’s the way Khadas redefines the balanced:

Yep, we designed the Balanced RCA with Standard RCA compatibility.


and of course you’ve patented it !

and what about the digital rca socket : did you also make it accept balanced AES-EBU signal and protocol ??

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What is the connector for? You don’t have a balanced DAC!

@labjr Tone Board 2 will be

What Tone Board 2? They’ve been talking about it for years, but nothing?

Designing hardware ain’t a fast work, you must make sure that what you deliver is flawless and without any design error as you can’t fix it after that. And you must pass ROHS and CE certificates to be able to sell it, quality control, etc.

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What a beautiful sound to my Ears, and will Oh so excellent for DSP work


This is the answer: :upside_down_face:

We have also designed a “Balanced RCA Plug to XLR-3” converter cable, so you can use your Tone2 with popular industry-standard XLR-3 pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and speakers.


Again…, Khadas blows my mind with something cool :exploding_head: :smiley:

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Not true. The DAC designer quit and they’ve made no progress in years. Instead they’re posting pictures of connectors. TBH, Mini XLR connectors are more robust than any RCA connector.