Backup / Restore

I really need a working solution for backup / restore for the device

I have spent too much time installing and configuring. I can backup my Kodi config, but I can’t install Ubuntu or everything IS GONE

Check Zahir-s post(#108), I think that is what you need.

Until a specific solution is found for the Vim, maybe balbes150’s ddBR will work for you. I have not tried it yet on the Vim. It runs from his latest Armbian images running from SD card. No changes to the installed system or wired connection to PC required.
For info see here.
A small(1 character)change to his script maybe necessary, I will look tonight.

I stopped reading about ddBR after this:

A prerequisite for use - availability on the console multi-boot. Activation multi-boot Activation multi-boot
To use the system ddBR on many other consoles, you need to replace the dtb.img file on the first partition (FAT) file from the corresponding model.

Thanks, I may try TWRP 3.0.2 for the Probox2 Air, but first let me clarify this:
TWRP is installed in the recovery partition. Is this the same partion where uboot is? Does this mean that the hardware buttons and the instructions to install e.g. Ubuntu will not work anymore?

I have his Armbian running fromSD card. The latest images have ddBR buitin. His process is usually automatic regarding uboot and dtb. Very easy. I will try ddBR on the Vim tonight.

But TWRP is nice too, have yet to try it on the Vim.
Look forward to your results.

Update: I need to get a clarification on using ddBR restore. I will post results once I do.
In the meantime, best to wait.