Backup an image with a tool similar to USB Burning Tool

Is there a tool like USB Burning Tool to backup an image?

USB Burning Tool is used to import an image, I want to do the opposite, to export an image. Is there a tool available?

there seems to be no follow-up to that question. pitty, because I second that question too. the burning tool itself could have a button to take an image copy. any other way (win or linux, cli or gui) would be welcome too.

after spending a lot of time to get everything up as needed you want to have a way to make the image backup, which could be used for the next burns.

Tried to dd /dev/mmcblk0 to an image file on unmounted USB (formatted as NTFS), but the Burning Tool does not like the result to burn a copy (funny error message “Parse burning iamge fail”). The image size is 7 818 182 656 - exactly the same as blockdev --getsize64 /dev/mmcblk0 reported.

Is there some trick needed to make the image to be accepted by the Burning Tool?

also tried to use the burning tool on linux pc (ubuntu). fails while unpacking the image (my image is not packed afaik).
./burn-tool -i test.img
Try to burn Amlogic image…
Unpacking image [KO]

Hello, Not exactly what this thread is about, but you may want to check the work of ricky divjakovski over at Freaktab. He has done some good work with AML tools.

Also, at least for a full system backup and restore, @balbes150 has DDBR included in some of his Linux images. However, backups made with DDBR must be restored with DDBR.
DDBR runs from Linux on SD card.

have downloaded his tools, but they seem to be android-oriented. did not figured out myself nor succeed to find any manual, what tools and how should be used with ubuntu. if someones knows, pls share this knowledge…