Back power from the GPIO's

I am building a entertainments box based upon the VIM2. I currently have the power to the VIM2 coming through the USB-C port but this involves the cable coming out of the box and into the port - which is unsightly and vulnerable to damage.
So I would like to power the VIM2 straight onto the board, but do not have a suitable 1.25mm 4 pin connector for the tiny power port next to the USB-C. I want to back power the board through the 5V GPIO pin. I know this will work, but I would like to know what are the consequences of doing so with regard to power flow/droop and protections.

I know this has been asked before but there was no definitive reply.


Hi shoog:
Yes, the GPIO Power PIN works, but still recommend to use the VIN 1.25mm JST connector for your case.

Both have to take a notice that the PIN OUT first, check Khadas Docs for the further details.

Have fun!

In the end I soldered directly onto the PODO pads on the VTV board. This should afford the protections of the power management chip and they are big enough to take a decent sized wire and solder joint.