Average load constantly way too high with BSP kernel

For your info: Average load on VIM4 with Amlogic’s 5.4 kernel is always way too high (above 2.0 when doing exactly nothing). This is not related to CPU utilization (common misunderstanding: on Linux average load is something different).

The responsible processes seem to be vmap_thread and crg_reset_0_thr. Please fix :slight_smile:


tnx for tips ! we try to fix it

Hi @hyphop, I notice this is still the case with kernel 5.4.180.
Will you be able to solve this ?

Thanks !

Just wanted to provide an update that this phenomenon of vmap_thread and crg_reset_0_thr are still sitting in D state, causing the load average to over at 2 even though there’s little to no load on the system.

Running debian on kernel 5.4.180 built with fenix 1.4