Available GPIO pins


Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Hi all,

Is this board limited to 3 GPIO pins or are the other functional pins just alternate uses for the GPIO pins?

How many GPIO’s can I use?

Also how would I configure those pins for alternate (GPIO) functionality

Any have an answer for this?

@chandrian Theoretically, many gpio outputs can be configured, but only two gpio are currently available in the default android firmware. You can modify the dts configuration to achieve this.

Can you give me an example on how to change that file to change the utility of a pin to GPIO. I think we are able to rebuild thereafter. Thanks

@chandrian What gpio configurations do you need? Each activation may be different. But dts related knowledge can be found on the internet.

I basically need 5 more GPIO pins for digital input and output. We are only using I2C so I could change any of the others. Could you link some information on changing those please. I am very new to Android OS

We are trying to use the VIM board in production but I need these problems fixed quickly. Could you please give detailed instructions on how to change some of these pins for GPIO use.

@chandrian Follow the method below to make your firmware available with 5 more gpio ports by default.

vim4/common$ git revert bc1bdb7ebee07dfef5c57f712b8e747f7cf29f8a


Thank you for this quick fix. It will be good for testing, but we will eventually need the i2s. We are also using the i2c but everything else should be ok to change. So how would I change say… 501,502,466,467?
Thanks again,

Anyone available to help here? Thanks