AV out (CVBS) according to specs; where to find the the test point?


According to the Web-site https://www.khadas.com/vim

the current range of VIMs have CVBS video out (AV). According to the table on test pins. Are that soldering pads on the PCB? I’ve looked at the silk screen of the VIM1S for example and can’t find any indication.

Can someone explain the exact availability of an AV out possibility (that might be soldered)?

Thanks a lot.


1.There are no CVBS on VIM1/VIM1S;
2.On the VIM4/VIM1S,we added the Audio OUT test pins to the board.As the VIM1S:

Hope this can help you!

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Thanks for clarifying this. I read the specs on the Web-site somewhat differently.

Where and what’s the difference?

Well, have you seen the image I attached to this topic? That image refers to AV Out, which might imply Audio/Video. That’s not the case.