Audio player giving issue

@goenjoy @superceleron @jasonl

  1. I have audio format data which is audio/mpeg-L2 type.
  2. When i am opening with CreateBytype(codecLooper,mim) it’s giving codec null.
  3. When I am opening with CreateByComponentName(codecLooper,mim,false) it’s giving config issue.
  4. How we can use audio codec for the play audio stream.
  5. How we can enable audio/mpeg-L2 in khadas source because this format not available in the source code.

@goenjoy @superceleron @jasonl
Is There any extra hardware or changes require for mpeg-2 audio supports.

@Pradeep_Kumar_Upadhy Can you tell me what the reproduction steps are?

I am getting mpeg2 byte array data which i am creating codec using MediaCodec::CreateByType(codecLooper, mime.c_str(), false/encoder/);
that time failed to create codec when i am trying to create by using MediaCodec::CreateByComponentName(codecLooper, “”)
that time it’s creating codec but codec init failed due to mpegL2 not support for the audio format.

From what i remember mpegL2 is not supported in the android 9 sdk.
and it think it is this codec for the L2
I will add it in my next build, but no promises it will work!

Have you added fix on the latest build this mpeg-L2 support for the audio in vim-3L.

Yes i did add it to the latest build i did, but im not sure its working since i did not test it.

Have you added in source code or build can you tell me what changes required to mpeg2 audio support. Can you please tell the changes require for android pie for audio mpeg2 audio support.

did you test the change? its working?

I have check it’s not working.

  1. When i am opening direct file with mediaplayer or other player in khadas which is available that’s working audio and video.
  2. But when i am trying to open with media codec
    mCodec = MediaCodec::CreateByType(codecLooper, mime.c_str(), false);
    it’s showing failed to create mediacode.
    mime = “audio/mpeg-L2”
  3. So how can i open mediacodec and init so that it should work because it’s working on the different app which is video player.