Audio cuts out randomly

If there is something that I mentioned about this, then I apologize for the repost (but I didn’t see anything regarding my issue so far).

I’ve noticed that the audio randomly cut out at times, maybe once or twice every day or two. I also don’t see any pattern to it either (specific apps, usages, etc). Unplugging and replugging the usb cable will solve the issue, but again, it will cut out in the future. I recently received the tone board a week or so ago so I believe that the tone board is the culprit as the uDac 3 I had before did not suffer from such issues.

Windows 10 pro
Khadas Tone board using usb input
Khadas revision v1.02*
Driver version v2.24.0*
Usb streaming mode: safe

I just recently updated the drivers and revision, thinking that it was a firmware or driver issue. However, whatever driver I had initially and whatever firmware was shipped to me originally also had the same issue. Maybe they were the same version as updated, I can’t remember.

If there’s any other info you need, let me know.


@youjun @Edison follow up.

Hi @dwang040,

Sorry to hear about this issue. Have you attempted to switch to a different USB-C cable, or USB-port on your computer? Sometimes the cable is faulty or the port is loose. When the USB connection momentarily drops, the software e.g. Foobar2000 will stop playing.

Recommended Actions:

  • Use a different USB-C cable for the Tone Board
  • Switch to a different USB-port on your PC

You Jun
Khadas Team

@tsangyoujun Thank you for the reply. I will try swapping it out with another usb C cable and I will report back if anything does happen.

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I’ve got mine today and same issue happened to me. OS, firmware, driver version, and streaming mode are also same with me. Always-on powered USB port on my laptop last about 1 minute and the other ports last just 10~15 secs. For my case, it was simply solved by changing a USB C cable.


Changing the cable seems to have worked, it’s been 2-3 days without an audio cut. Though, I don’t think the original cable was broken? It charges my phone just fine. Idk, so far, the other cable seems to work well so I’ll just use that now.


There seems to be some kind of problem with the original cable, which comes with the board. I had the exact same issue and resolved it by changing the cable. I also saw other users mentioning it in other forums.

I don’t know if it is related, but here is something I observed. Since I changed the cable, I started using the original one to charge my phone. A few days ago, I touched the cable, near the USB plug, while the phone was charging, and got a small electric shock (like, say, the one you can get from a 1.5V battery). I haven’t come around to measuring it yet, but this definitely shouldn’t be happening.

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Interesting. In my personal experience the cable definetly doesn’t like to work with the tone board however, luckily for me, I can’t say I have experienced any issues with it as a phone charged (no noticeable voltage issues, my phone hasn’t died from it… yet, no excess heat problems, etc). But it’s possible there could be something wrong with it if the number of reports are higher than expected manufacter failure/ defective rates.

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Thanks @systemshock we will take your feedback into consideration, and continue monitoring the occurrences of cable issues.

I am experiencing the same issue.

Player Foobar2000 (WASAPI)
Windows 7 64bits
TB FW Ver 1.04, Driver 2.24
In about 10 hours of continuous play time this happened.
Foobar abruptly stopped working a few times as if something was wrong with it. Double clicking the track will not work. I had to click the stop and play buttons to resume playing.

I also heard very short cut off and loud cracking sound coming from the audio while the song was playing. This happened 3 - 4 times.

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