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No. I’m afraid that isn’t possible at this time. :grin:

I kid of course. While superceleron’s ATV is a credit to the breed, I just don’t prefer ATV. I don’t care for the launcher and other GUI aspects.

Yes there is a place for ATV,
Always ask nicely for sc to make a normal rom, sometime we get lucky…!
Other times we just have to like what we get…


wow 11

so while we’re at android, vim3 has 9 and edge has 10, what’s making vim3 unable to upgrade, upstream drivers/source missing or something else?

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Hello! I would very much refrain from admiring Android 11 right now, I’m sure it should take enough time to get it working, it’s a very, very early product right now!

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we never received a Android 10 SDK, so Android 10 isn’t coming to the VIM3 anytime soon, until amlogic provides that.

but we did get introductory AOSP support,

you do know, beta testing exists :slight_smile:

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well that is actually an ATV 11 build i did for my work(job) and is working in an s905x2/x3, that is pure ATV and not AOSP converted to ATV.
And yes it is in beta at the moment, but we’re nearly at the final version.


Yes, I also think that everything has its time.
Good luck to you!

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Hmm, I always thought that an ATV build was more of a stripped down build with a different launcher for the most part…

What exactly is the difference between an ATV build and a Tablet build? Is AOSP what I am calling tablet build?


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well is a bit more complicated that just stripped AOSP.
Ye it as some functions stripped, but also as lots of other stuff that is not present in the AOSP, must changes to be more TV(remote) friendly.
I can’t tell you all the changes from one to another, but there a lot of changes but main ones are what i told you above.
What i make is using AOSP(khadas source) and “convert” the best a i can to real atv, but will never be true ATV, like the one you see in Robert screenshot above.
Also true atv source is private and is only present in google servers to what google call “ATV partners”, in this case companies that need to sign contracts with google, and are subject to many rules and NDA’s.
There is a lot i know, that i can’t tell you guys, most of their emails always start with “Google Confidential/Under NDA”.
Ye complicated…


Does the Khadas team plan to make any embedded development boards with microcontrollers, CPLDs or FPGAs ?
I am impressed with the existent product quality and am willing to see what can be provided in that frontier.

one of the most underrated things in an open source community, is a simple microcontroller board, and hence I ask this question,