Armbian RT kernel (low latency)

Is someone already have successfully did it on VIM?

I found that @balbes150 Armbian (i use) is build with linux kernel 3.14.29. So, the question is, are the next links is what i need?

What doesn’t suit you in the current kernel ?

Actually i want to try low latency kernal and to see if there any noticeable difference listening to some music :wink:

I think it has no effect. Low latency is needed to respond quickly to instant events.

I think that low latency kernel, theoretically, will affect the audio quality for sure but i am not sure it will be noticeable in real life :slight_smile:

MIDI software synthesizers often experience latency, some Linux distros geared towards audio/MIDI come with low latency kernels to address this. Live audio multitrack recording can also suffer from latency. I don’t know how much, if any, latency affects playback of existing media.