Armbian Images now avalible for Khadas VIM1S

Hello everyone,

Armbian now has premium images for the Khadas VIM1S, which we are actively maintaining!

You can download the precompiled images on our website.

If you have this amazing board, it would be more than appreciated if you helped us test it or use Armbian as its OS!

If you’d like to modify the image easily, we have a whole build system with a UI here!

If you find any bugs with the image or things that don’t work, please report them under this post.

The Armbian Team


Cool, thanks for yor effort. :wink:

Hello, @Armbian.
I have tried several prebuild images and even built some myself with that fancy tool.
However none of them worked for me. I see the khadas splash and then black screen. Led does not blink like it usually does when some OS is loading.
I have tried all the debians and ubuntus, with and w/o gui.
Images i build with khadas pheonix tool work though.
Can you give any tips on how i can make armbian run?
I can provide more details if required, or conduct further tests to help troubleshoot.

@Mark_Kotenko VIM1S still have some issues getting resolved, proper images will be released soon.

@Electr1 thanks for the info.
Looking forward to it.
Meanwhile, can you point me to some resources where this is discussed?
And if needed i can help with testing.

Hello guys

from now we can install actual Armbian images for VIM1S VIM4 and Edge2 via OOWOW online installation directly from your board, without any requirement just Internet :wink:

Just boot into OOWOW mode, following by wizard & choose Armbian


For me it still does not boot. Even if i install it from oowow.
Does anyone has a working armbian for vim1s?

Tnx for feedback I will check why it happens
at this moment oowow used original armbian images from original sources as-is we use just redirection to armbian sources