ARM Trusted Firmware

Does Khadas have the source for the ARM Trusted Firmware that is used for the board or is that something that Amlogic supplies to you in already compiled form?

ARM Trusted Firmware (Upstream)

For those who are unfamiliar with the boot process ATF is used for the initial boot up process before handing off to U-Boot.

TE: 123817

BL2 Built : 13:48:56, Sep 23 2016. 
gxl g7459bd4 - jianxin.pan@droid06

set vcck to 1120 mv
set vddee to 1000 mv
Board ID = 6
CPU clk: 1200MHz
DQS-corr enabled
DDR scramble enabled
DDR3 chl: Rank0+1 @ 792MHz - PASS
Rank0: 1024MB(auto)-2T-11
Rank1: 1024MB(auto)-2T-11
DataBus test pass!
AddrBus test pass!
Load fip header from eMMC, src: 0x0000c200, des: 0x01400000, size: 0x00004000
New fip structure!
Load bl30 from eMMC, src: 0x00010200, des: 0x01100000, size: 0x0000d600
Load bl31 from eMMC, src: 0x00020200, des: 0x10100000, size: 0x00015400
Load bl33 from eMMC, src: 0x00038200, des: 0x01000000, size: 0x000a6800
NOTICE:  BL3-1: v1.0(debug):fb68908
NOTICE:  BL3-1: Built : 18:30:11, Nov  1 2016
aml log : bl31 normal boot !
[Image: gxl_v1.1.3154-065f772 2016-09-29 14:08:54]
3c a9 dd c4 39 dc 2f f3 84 de 4b e7 [0.366055 Inits done]
secure task start!
high task start!
low task start!
INFO:    BL3-1: Initializing runtime services
WARNING: No OPTEE provided by BL2 boot loader
ERROR:   Error initializing runtime service opteed_fast
INFO:    BL3-1: Preparing for EL3 exit to normal world
INFO:    BL3-1: Next image address = 0x1000000
INFO:    BL3-1: Next image spsr = 0x3c9

U-Boot 2015.01-g101afee (Dec 11 2016 - 13:35:15)
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Hi, Chris:
Do you mean BuildBootloaderAndRamfs?

No, I mean the code to the boot loader levels below BL3-3 (uboot) that is included in binary only form in the uboot git repo. For example the HiSilicon HiKey u-boot docs go into it a bit. There are BL1, BL2, BL3-0, BL3-1, BL3-3 boot loader levels in the ARM Trusted Firmware. The BL3-3 is the uboot we have source code to in the git repo. HiSilicon provides git repos for all their code (except BL3-0), but it appears that Amlogic at least at the moment does not provide source for the levels below BL3-3 (uboot). The other levels are currently in the uboot repo but in binary form only.

Maybe you can get Amlogic to give Khadas the code?

HiSilicon HiKey bootstrap explanation

ARM Trusted Firmware Design - explains boot process

As what you said, Amlogic didn’t open the source code of the BL1/3. I will go to Amlogic office to try to apply this, but I’m not sure I can push that :wink: