Arduino BLE : connection failed gatt status 133 to Edge-V

Hi ~
I tried Connect Arduino BLE to Edge-V
but failed…
Error Message : Connection failed : gatt status 133

When I Tested on my VIM3 was work well

Have any solution ?

@jaewuk How do you connect ?

i tried connect by serial bluetooth android App

@jaewuk We can’t judge what’s going on just from this information. Do you need to use baud rate in your setting process.

can you let me know about that, how to config baud rate of serial bluetooth in edge-v setting process.

@jaewuk you can edit this file /usr/local/bin/

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@jaewuk Sorry for that I didn’t notice it was Android. Android baud rate cannot be modified. Can you try to modified you BLE model baud rate ? It maybe 9600 or 115200 .