AR0144 Camera Bringup On Edge2

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Ubuntu 22.04 Using Fenix

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Official Image

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I am trying to bringup Onsemi AR0144 Camera. I have custom board for it to be connected to Khadas Edge2, I previously bring up IMX307 on this board and that is working really well. I need to bringup AR0144 I followed this structure, I edited AR0230 Kernel driver code in the fenix linux to be suitable to AR0144, and I edited the device tree, I am able to get the device ID for my sensor successfully but in the next stages of probe the driver fails. I feel like I need to change the device tree suitably because currently I am using the IMX415 tree and editing the compaitable string to match my device driver. Do you guys have any hints on what can be causing the kernel panic. I cannot post the log because the device does not start at all. I will try to get the UART working to post the log if required. If someone has any experience with working on onsemi sensors on rockchip platform please help.

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@numbqq Hi Nick any help?