Apple Music Hi-Res lossless playback from iPhone, issue :(

Hi All, can you share please your experience with Apple Music Hi-Res lossless, Im connecting my iPhone (13 mini) to Tone 2 Pro with “original Apple Lightning to USB Adapter” → USB-C cable → Khadas Tone 2 Pro (with separate cable for power).

So with the same setup when Im using Tidal, I get all possible “colors” on Tone 2 Pro, when Im playing MQA, HiRes, etc. (green, yellow, magenta, etc), so everything works fine.

But with Apple Music when Im playing Hi-Res lossless (suppose to be 192khz) Tone 2 always show minimum level yellow light (44/16). Is there something wrong with my config, or Apple Music app do not support something? Why Tidal works fine?

P.S. In the Apple Music settings I selected to play in max quality (Hi-Res lossless), albums Im playing also shows that they support Hi-Res lossless.

Oh god, just created a topic and found an answer, disabled Dolby Atmos in Apple Music settings and it start working like it should, 192 now flow in Tone 2 Pro.