AP6398S Linux hciattach/bluez source code


Could you publish the source code of ap6398s bluez?, There is only the hciattach binary file.


You can get the source code for from the source repo:

$ apt source bluez
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I mean the real hciattach used by the OS, not the common bluez.

bluetooth-khadas.service use /usr/local/bin/hciattach, which is a prebuid binary file, in fenix/archives/hwpacks/bluez/hciattach-arm64.

I don’t have the source code now, but it should be the same I think, you can also use the binary from bluez, and fenix/archives/hwpacks/bluez/hciattach-arm64. will be deleted.

So you have already verified the origin ubuntu 20 or debian 10 bluez/hciattach work fine on AP6398S, I’ll try this, thanks.