Anyone have a Raspberry pi4 and a Khadas?

Can i use the 10 or 24watt PSU for the Pi4?

I have all the parts but i dont have the PSU yet, i want to tinker with it but cant wait for the PSU

I figure the 10 watt will work but not if i run it hard, the 24 watt has more then 1 voltage out so im worried about that.

Dont want to burn it up so i thoguht ide ask first

DOes anyone have both? that have tried the Khadas on the pi?

Which version of Pi4? Because the V1.1 has a design error and will not work properly with emarked cables and USB-C PSUs. (It should be fine if the cables are unmarked or you’re using an A to C cable.)

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Im not sure which version i have its new i just got it but that doesnt mean much.

I dont see anyting on the board to tell which version does th atmean its V 1.1?

I have the 2 cables tht came with the Khadas board, one that came witht he VIM3L kit and one that came with the 24watt PSU (i think it came with it, its white and ive been using it with the 24watt PSU)

Its the Raspberry pi 4 B, is that the version 2? has the wifi and bluetooth

You can try it safely; PD will only activate if the device explicitly negotiates it with the charger. If you don’t get any power at all, then you have a V1.1 Pi4 and emarked cables.

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I’m sorry, the Raspberry pi ?
we do not speak of the outsiders…

let’s get back to point, How much gigs of RAM ? If it is 8GB it is a sure shot v1.2 board (new), other wise check this…

rev. 1.2 is the newer one…

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If its smokes you have V1.1 lol

It won’t smoke, if it doesn’t recognize the device to have USB-PD, it will stick to 5v and 4A


Yeah, just plug it in, the worst that will happen is you have a a V1.1 and emarked cables and it doesn’t deliver any power.


Dang man where did you find that picture? i even search the raspberry pi forum for how to identify which version and couldnt find anything. Must of been searching the wrong thing.

I see i have V1.2 my little transistor, or regulator thing is under the SD card

So i can use the 24watt safely?

THANKS GUYS!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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You’re welcome! ^w^ .

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Yes, you can safely use it,
trust me I have a lot of sources…

P.S since you are asking about Khadas accessories, it is safe to ask here…

Well hells bells, i got the wrong HDMI cable, i ordered Type C to HDMI, and i needed type D micro to HDMI so i cant even boot it up anyway.

I got it all put together (board into the case) and wen tto boot it up and i dont even have the right cables.

I thought i had everything i needed to tinker with it but i dont. :roll_eyes: :neutral_face:

Thats good, dont want to get kicked off/out

That is just what I know, If you do get warnings of talking about outsiders here,
just tellin ya, don’t blame me :grimacing:

Yeah, I use that excuse all the time with her, means I get more stuff. :rofl:

I believe you have had two “hers” in you life to ask to for stuff :grin:
let’s not drift off here…

At least two, never at the same time, so I am safe.

Just saw this, I have an RBI Pi 4 Model B 4GB ram. I power it with a spare QC3 wall wart charger without any issues.The charger is from Baseus. This is an 18W PD 3 + QC3 charger and I also use a QC3 USB A to C cable from Ugreen. I had these lying around in spare.
I also connect a 128 GB SSD to it without any issues, Although I am not too sure if you connect a HDD, if it will be able to power a HDD.

But otherwise you can safely run an RBi 4 with any QC3 certified charger.