Anybody working on Android TV Pie for VIM 3?

Speaks for itself. Anybody port the reference code?

Hello, Not sure about Pie, but something ATV is looking like a possibility, courtesy of Superceleron.


Yes i am and is already working… but i have a few issues with permissions, looks like in leanback mode the AML android 9 sdk is missing a popup that asks for you for enable write permission to a external usb stick/sdcard… im trying to find a solution, if i cant i will rls it anyway as BETA with that problem… you can read but cant write to any external storage (usb stick or sdcard).


@superceleron What can I do for you?

Hi @Terry
Well unless you can add this (see photo) in leanback mode, or enable the write on all apps to external devices, because that popup is broken in leanback mode so you can never give permission to the app!
Also your “More Settings” is on the wrong app, it should be in TVsettings and not in DroidTvSettings, and hide DroidTvSettings icon from both launchers and enable TVsettings icon in both launchers.

Can you provide your application for me? I will add it to white list .

I will provide a custom ROM for you in next week.


Hi @Terry, well i can but is really not a good solution, since other apps you may install if they ask to write to external storage they cant!
but well for now until we can find a proper fix, plz add this app to the whitelist :

Thks on “More Settings”, i could do it myself just fine both the “fixes” but i cant touch code from other sdk’s other than already compiled firmwares… work policy rules… ye i know a bummer but is them who pay my salary so…

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So the AOSP will not compile and run clean?

Is it just on this processor, or does it affect the entire AML 9 sdk?

AOSP is AOSP it means it have a limited ATV support, for “true” ATV you have a different sdk from amlogic but that one… they dont give it to all, only some “special” partners and pay for it!
So what im doing is “Hacking” AOSP the max i can so it behaves like ATV, of course with some limitations, since some stuff from ATV is missing in AOSP, like the popup im talking above!
Hope you got it now!
And yes it affects all AML sdk’s from 5 up to 9!

Thanks. I am new to this architecture and this will be my first attempt at any of this.

So only maybe bee king or whoever (big oems) gets access to AML source? Doesn’t sound open source to me.

Is the problem with Arm?

well if you want direct access to their tree … is very hard they normally only give it to company’s and some individual devs!
Anyway if you want the sdk you can have, khadas give it for you to download, should be around here in another thread how you can download it!
But the ATV one… forget it… but is normal, is not even available from google!

A few Quirks in SC beta ATV rom testing
3Dmark menus etc run side ways, demo part plays fine.

Unable to test Vulcan not found

Antutu also running side ways

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Yes confirmed, looks like force_land have issues!
On vulkan i dint try it, but i bet is not totally enabled!