Any way to add gyro?


My project is a fancy clock that runs in the Unity game engine and makes use of the gyroscope usually available on phones and tablets.

Is there any way to add a gyro to the Vim3 via SPI or I2C or even USB and be recognized by the OS?


@arcadeperfect VIM3 already has a gsensor onboard, why do you need an external one?

It has a 3 axis accelerometer but I’m looking for a 6 axis accelerometer / gyro

@arcadeperfect I have connected MPU6050 via I2C on VIM3. is working fine. You can try to use the gsensor you want, but you need to ensure that there is a relevant driver in the kernel, or you can port one yourself

Are you saying you just wired one up to the I2C pins on the GPIO header and it worked without any software configuration? If so great news!

Also are you running Android?

@arcadeperfect I am ubuntu system, not Andorid. Whether you need to port the driver or not depends on your specific module.