Any updates on the Panfrost driver for vim2 T820MP3 GPU

is there any updates on the Panfrost driver, I don’t have a vim2 yet so I would like to try it, does the new vim3 have any issues with gpu support, I tend to like the vim 2 since its not vulnerable to spectre or meltdown and any other new findings they find nowadays and the performance with patches I find not worth it.

Current LibreELEC and some Armbian images for Amlogic hardware have been using Panfrost to support S912 devices since January when it first moved out of the shadows and became properly usable. It continues to advance rapidly, and while it’s not perfect yet, it’s also come a long way in a very short time and in addition to the original reverse-engineers there are also a number of commercial (funded) developers contributing and allocating hours towards development now. VIM2 has quite good support under the mainline kernel now (not complete, but good by ARM board standards and usable for most use-cases) which makes tracking bleeding-edge Panfrost kernel and mesa changes fairly simple.


When you say mainline does it mean it’s in the Ubuntu kernal, I would love to try it out but I don’t have a vim2 yet. I’m also wondering if the vim2 works with 19.04 distros but that may just be dependent on the distros

I’m not aware of Khadas’ plans for other distro support - my personal interests are myopically focussed on LE/Kodi use … but Panfrost will currently require you to run bleeding-edge versions of kernel + mesa so I’d say if you’re interested in self-building things it’s usable today with some effort. I know there are Armbian images that actively track development, but I don’t take any interest in Ubuntu things.