Any news on the promised Tea App?

No updates in a while on this - or did I miss anything? I’m really hoping for an app with EQ capability to make the Tea compete with similar offerings from Qudelix and FiiO. Is the project abandoned?

Thank you for your continued attention to Tea App, it is under testing and will take some time to be officially launched.


We’re in the middle of October. Any news on the App?


Hello do you have a news for application please :slight_smile: ?

Hi Benscisor,
Thank you for your continued attention to Tea App.
We have revised the UI design of the APP before, It is currently undergoing testing and optimization. It is expected that the Android version will be launched in December, and the IOS version will be later.

Ok thank’s a lot :slight_smile: i have an iphone i must wait :frowning:

Hi happy new year! :slight_smile:

Have you got a news for ios app?

Hi Benscisor,
Happy new year!
Android APP is still undergoing testing and optimization.
The IOS version is undergoing development.
This is Our first APP, we spent a lot of time on testing and optimization, and expect to bring a better use experience :heart:


Ok thank you :slight_smile: i wait …

March 3 2023 ___________

Where is the app?
It’s been a year since I bought Tea, but there is no app :sob:

Is there any news?There will be no application?

We should really be getting updates AT THE VERY LEAST about this. A roadmap was provided but understandably, the product was not ready yet. We get it, things take time. GIVE US UPDATES. you send out a newsletter for EVERYTHING else, include app updates. Thanks