Any board confirmed working with custom resolution 1440p & others?

Anybody / Khadas staff can confirm any board with firmware that works with custom, non-TV resolutions, such as 1440p?
Thank a lot,

Hi, you can refer at this

We will recommend the Edge or Edge-V board for non-vesa resolutions output.

Hi Terry, thanks for the pointer. unfortunately, Davemf’s rom does not support 2560x1440 resolutions. @davemf, any chance that you can add this or advise how to do this? Thanks a lot - Alan

@Gouwa, do you mean that the resolution is already built in in the Edge firmware? I really want to be sure. Thanks

This requires your monitor to support this resolution.
The following picture shows the resolution supported by my monitor:

@goenjoy, thanks a lot for the screenshot ;-). Are you using Edge or Edge-V? Is it the stock firmware?

yes, It’s not related to the board, it’s related to your monitor.