Android with Kodi "Launcher" instead of ATV

I don’t like android for STB’s because they are not remote friendly. I don’t like ATV interface as well. But today, finally I able to figure out how to use Android on Khadas! If someone is interested, I think this is the best way (at least for me) to achieve the best A/V performance and usability from your VIM with Android for home multimedia player:

  1. Install “stock” Khadas android
  2. Free some more RAM by removing all not needed apps and services from it (my best achievement is 750MB after the boot)
  3. Side-load all ATV apps you love
  4. Install Kodi
  5. replace default launcher with Kodi and delete the original one
  6. Configure android apps and kodi plugins within the Kodi interface
  7. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Of course, … all android related audio “issues” are still present! Including multichannel over 5.1 and Hi-res restrictions and so on :frowning:
I have switched back to libreelec … again :slight_smile: